Client Tip: Make Inventory Easy

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We often get comments and tips from our customers, here an adventure park writes:

"As the busy summer climbing season winds down we start to think about preparations for the winter. This includes taking down mechanical equipment used in the park, packing away some of our inventory, and sending units out for annual inspections. Even though equipment comes with their own serial numbers from the manufacturer, we use an engraver to put our own number on them. This helps us keep track of our inventory more easily and identifies our units when they go out to service centers. We use short 6 digit unique ID numbers on all our clips, SRLs, and descenders."  
A few things to remember if you engrave:
  • Remember to engrave where it will not effect the strength rating of your equipment. 
  • Keep things consistent by engraving on the same area of your product so that you can quickly and easily see the ID.
  • Remember KISS - Keep It Simple - use numbers and/or letters that may mean something. For example, abbreviate your park name, use 2 numbers denoting the year it was bought, and more numbers to denote the number of the piece.  
Follow this up with a simple spreadsheet and you will have a great foundation for knowing what you own, where it is, its repair and maintenance history, and how much use it has had over the years.

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