TIP: Better Staff = Better Business

Posted by Keren Warner on

As the adventure and challenge course industries continue to grow, staffing demands intensify and it becomes ever more important that course personnel be well trained in safety, customer service, and professionalism.

Training should follow standards developed my industry associations like the Association for Challenge Course Technology and the Aerial Adventure Academy. Emphasis on site specific procedures and materials should be incorporated into each training.   

Risk management is the most important reason for well trained staff. You simply cannot afford the risk of injuries due to staff error or improper participant training. Cameron Annas writes in the Winter 2016 issue of Adventure Park Insider magazine,  "I recommend hiring a third party every year for training.

Professional athletes hire trainers and coaches....your organization can benefit from one as well."  Having your own trainers who have completed  a designated train-the-trainer course can suffice as well. 

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