TIP: How do you cater to your younger crowd?

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Small Climbers Mean Big Business

Families.  The core of our business and the most variable aspect, families come in all shapes and sizes and while most aerial adventure courses are well equipped to handle climbers from "tweenagers" through adult, many of us miss a golden opportunity to bring in families that include younger, smaller children. A few ways to draw these younger families include:

  • Lower or easier courses designed specifically for children (4-7 year) build confidence and are a great introduction to adventure courses.
  • A small self-contained mini-adventure park where kids can be easily
    play independently, with their parents watching, of course.
  • A few low climbing trees equipped with climbing holds such as Monkey Hardware™ that give kids a chance to climb on their own.
  • Well trained staff members that encourage a child to challenge themselves.

When we take the time to create elements that build confidence in the very young, we contribute to a self-assured, self-reliant next generation.  Oh, yeah, and we build a repeat climber, too!

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