TIP: Making the most of Arbor Day

Posted by Keren Warner on

In Celebration of Trees!

National Arbor Day, this year on April 29th, presents a unique and wonderful opportunity for those of us in the Aerial Adventure and Challenge Course industry to both promote our product and to promote eco-awareness.   Here are some ideas:
  • Donate a portion of the ticket price to the Arbor Day Foundation.
  •  Partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to provide seedlings for customers to take home and plant.
  • Partner with local schools and youth organizations to plant trees.
  • Hold a competitive tree climbing event  like the "Iron Monkey Challenge"
  • Host a series of small, family friendly "tree talks" to teach how to properly plant and care for trees.
  • Continue to emphasize the value of and promote respect for trees in a fun and challenging way.

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