TIP: Off-Season Equipment Storage

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In the last edition of Tips & Tools we discussed recommendations for the proper care of your harnesses. This week we will talk about some best practice end-of-season care for your other safety equipment, such as SRL's, safety belay systems, and free fall devices.

Safety Equipment - Re-Certification is Important!
  • Make sure to remove any equipment from the course that needs re-certification.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for annual inspection and re-certification.
    •  Bornack SSB's, MARK Save A Life Elephant, FG9's, SRL's, and ISC ALF's can be sent to Ropes Park Equipment for inspection, possible repair, and re-certification.
    • TruBlues, QUICKjump, etc. should be returned to Head Rush Technologies.
  • When the inspected and re-certified equipment returns leave it in the box and store in a cool, dry environment.
Course Elements
  • Take down any rolling elements and inspect for wear. Be prepared to replace worn pulleys or trolleys before next season.
  • Aerial Adventure Parks that double as ski slopes in the winter should consult with their builder regarding removing any zip lines that may cross ski trails.
  • Creating and maintaining a maintenance/repair log will help you avoid task duplication and facilitate accountability.  

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