TIP: Protecting our most precious resource

Posted by Keren Warner on

Trees.  We depend on them for their ability to protect us, for
the air we breathe, and, for those of us in the Challenge and Adventure Course industries,we depend on trees for our very existence.

Over the next several newsletters we'll be offering tips on protecting the health and longevity of the trees we count on to support our courses - from the ground up!

Root compaction: During your busy, active season, there is a real danger that high foot traffic will begin to compress and then compact the soil around your trees' roots.  Compact soil makes it difficult for tree roots to access the water and oxygen necessary for the tree to thrive.

A simple solution: Lots of mulch. At least 4 to 6 inches deep around the tree line.  Be careful not to pile the mulch up around the trunk of the tree, however.  Keeping it at least 12 inches from the trunk will help the soil absorb rain and oxygen. 
Another solution would be to build designated walkways delineated with rope or logs or rocks to keep walkers from the base of the trees.

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