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4 Reasons to take action NOW

It's that time of year when we here at RPE begin to get questions about equipment recertification and service.  Here are a few questions and the reasons to take action now:

 "When is the best time to send in our equipment for inspection and service?"
  • When your equipment shows signs of wear and tear or is malfunctioning.
  • Avoid last minute pre-season panic by sending out your equipment for inspection and recertification at the end of your season.

"If I didn't use my (fill in the blank) this year, is it still necessary to re-certify?"

  • Yes, if the manufacturer requires annual recertification.
  • ACCT requires that you follow all manufacturer's recommendations.
"My equipment seems fine, must I really have it inspected this year?" 
  • Many companies, like Head Rush Technologies, Bornack and Edelrid, among others, require yearly inspection for recertification regardless of appearance.
  • If the manufacturer requires annual inspection, ACCT requires annual inspection.

The BEST reason to have your equipment inspected and recertified according to the manufacturers' recommendations:  Customer safety!  

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