Tip: Rope Care and Inspection

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Ropes are used all throughout climbing activities including in aerial adventure parks and on zip line tours. The application might range from providing a loop to step on to being the lifeline for an assist device. Ropes used for life safety applications, like in a Mark Elephant, need to be cared for and inspected regularly. Here are a few pointers to follow to make sure your rope will be ready when you need it.

Rope Care:  
  • Avoid stepping on rope and using it in dirt filled environments. The dirt can work its way into a rope and degrade it from within.
  • Keep chemicals away from ropes. Harsh cleaners or leaking batteries can severely damage a rope.
  • Limit exposure to UV rays. Just like the sun fades your car's interior it can wear away at critical ropes and reduce their strength.
  • Clean your rope. A rope that has become dirty can usually be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Hang your rope, uncoiled and away from the sun, to dry.
Rope Inspection:  
  • Inspect your rope frequently to ensure it will always be ready when you need it.
  • Run the entire length through your hands looking at and feeling the rope for issues.
    • Feel for hard, soft, or flat spots in the rope.
    • Look for cuts, nicks or excessive abrasion.
  • Check any attachment points including knots or sewn eyes.
  • Storage: Check that where the rope is kept is dry, cool, and away from contaminants or other potential harms. This can even include possible rodent interaction.
  • Review the manufacturer's guidelines for rope life expectancy.
Have a question about rope care or what rope you need for a device? We are always available to help via phone at 203-692-4644 or email at orders@ropesparkequipment.com.

Note: Manufacturer's recommendations, manuals, and instructions should always be referenced and followed. 

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