Tip: Spring Cleaning - In The Office

Posted by Keren Warner on

"What do I do with all this stuff?"

We've cleared our trees, cleaned up our grounds but now, now comes the most difficult task of all...spring cleaning... the office!  And if you're saying to yourself, "What office?  Where?" then you know this is for you!  Here are some basic things you can do to get started, listed in no particular order:   
  • Paper.  Scan as much as youcan and file it electronically.  File what you can't scan and keep it according to IRS regulations.  Shred or toss everything else.
  • Memorable junk.  Dump it or take it home.  Aside from perhaps a framed picture or two, your desk should hold only those items needed to conduct business. 
  •  Label.  Use them liberally on places to store what you can't get rid of.  Knowing where an item is located will save you tons of search time in the future..
  • Clean.  Regularly dusting and sanitizing your work surfaces will help keep you healthy.  This can be particularly important when desks/computers/telephones are shared.
  • Stay...organized.  Get in the habit of touching paper once, then scan, file, or better yet, throw it away.   Complete small tasks first, you will feel better checking off your list.  And to really feel good, try clearing everything off your desk before leaving on Friday (or your last work day of the week).
Taking these few steps will help you become more efficient.

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