Tip: Spring Cleaning - On The Ground

Posted by Keren Warner on

In Spring Cleaning Part 2 we move our eyes from the treetops to the forest floor.  Here are some basic first steps to take.
  • Wearing sturdy gloves and carrying a trash bag, walk your pathways clearing them of any trash deposited over the winter months.
  • Remove any forest debris such as sticks, branches, and small rocks to areas outside the general walkways to return them to the earth.
  • Protect your trees from soil compaction by keeping at least 4 to 6 inches of mulch around the tree line, being careful to keep the mulch away from the tree trunk.
  • Consider outlining designated walkways with rope, logs or rocks to keep walkers from around the base of the trees.
  • Additionally, building boardwalks in strategic areas will limit the impact of guest traffic through critical root zones or over structurally critical roots.  The occasional boardwalk also provides easily identified areas for guests to walk.

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