Tip: Tennis Ball Anyone?

Posted by Keren Warner on

We really love our TREEKKERS® gloves and so do our climbers!  But all that love and enthusiasm tends to generate dirt and grime.  And so we are often asked, "What is the best way to clean these leather gloves?"  It seems counter-intuitive but the BEST way to get them clean is to toss them in a washing machine!  Yes, you can wash these leather TREEKKERS® gloves in a regular washing machine, using a regular mild detergent...and dry them in a regular dryer!  Don't skip the dryer thinking that air drying is safer.  Air-dried gloves tend to be stiff and uncomfortable.  Instead, place the gloves in a dryer on a low setting along with a couple of tennis balls to maintain a nice supple, flexible feel to the glove. 

By following these simple steps you will get long life and great value out of your TREEKKERS® gloves.

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