Tip: They call it Forest Bathing

Posted by Keren Warner on

As our season gears up and the pressures from crowds of climbers vying for attention begin to frazzle one's nerves, it may come as a happy surprise to know that, for many of us, we are perfectly positioned to optimally deal with the stress.  Time to go hug a tree!

Called shinrin-yoku in Japan, forest bathing is as natural and as simple as taking a stroll through the forest, occasionally stopping to sit, breath deeply of the forest and engage your senses.  It turns out that this simple tactic is just what we need in our modern, stress filled world to optimize our mental and emotional health. 

Multiple studies in Japan have shown that as few as 20 minutes of shinrin-yoku alters blood flow to the brain in such a way that one becomes markedly relaxed.  Additionally, the practice has been shown to lower blood pressure, pulse rate, and cortisol levels.

Read more about this peaceful, health restoring, practice here

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