TIP: Wearing your Maintenance Eyes

Posted by Keren Warner on

Inspecting equipment can be a tedious, though absolutely necessary task.  Your park may require regular daily, weekly, monthly and intermittent inspections to maintain its safety and integrity.  But how do you keep your eyes fresh and your observational skills sharp?   
  • First make sure all members of your team know what clean, properly working equipment looks and feels like.  Regular handling of properly functioning gear in optimal condition is the best way to recognize when all is not as it should be.
  • Each week appoint a staff member to "teach" the rest of the staff how to properly inspect a different area of the Park or piece of equipment.  Teaching others is the best way to learn!
  • Try this with your staff:  Once or twice a season hide a trinket, perhaps a plastic egg containing a dollar bill or two, inside an equipment bag.  The staff member who finds the trinket while inspecting the equipment gets to keep the item (or turn it in for an appropriate reward).

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