TOOL: RPE to the Rescue!

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Three great ways to effect an assist

The MARK Elephant is a terrific tool for high line rescues, especially when used for a tandem assist.  The Elephant Hub is a groundbreaking innovation for at height rescues which allows a single staff member to assist a climber without external help and yet can also be used as a two person rescue system.

Another great PPE device, the MARK Hawk is an effective descender, well designed to fit the needs of adventure park, challenge course and zip line tour operators. A dual breaking system with a controlled descent rate makes this a terrific device for assisting participants down a ladder and adds an extra margin of safety to low assists.

The RPE Mini-Lift helps make your assists and rescues easier. Consisting of a small 6:1 block and tackle and a cam cleat, the mini-lift, used in conjunction with a compatible rescue system, makes raising participants during assists easier for park staff.

Click the links above to learn more with our RPE instructional videos!

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