TOOL: RPE Zip Line Trolley

Posted by Keren Warner on

Made by Kong for Ropes Park Equipment, the RPE Zip Trolley sports an improved ergonomic handle and a new special gate that is easy to open with one hand.  The special design allows for correct positioning in all situations.  The ball bearings and steel sheaves provide a durable and long lasting zip system that works well on both ropes and cables up to 1/2" diameter. 
Made from a light aluminum alloy
  • One piece construction means fewer points for inspection
  • Integrated double safety sleeve connector helps prevent mistakes
  • Attaches easily and intuitively onto the cable
  • Handle and gate are easy to operate with just one hand
  • Ball bearings make for a smooth ride
  • Can be used with rope or cable
  • Special design always properly positions the trolley on the cable

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