TOOL: The RPE Self Retracting Lanyard

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RPE SRL is unique in a number of ways:  It is specially made for the ropes course industry so it does not require a fall arrest indicator (causing the unit to be sent for re-certification as soon as a single fall triggers it). It can take the rigor and abuse of an aerial park. With a minimum weight of 30lbs and maximum of 300 it can be used by younger children.  

The off-set housing entrance of the RPE SRL allows the cable to roll out smoothly without damaging the entrance bushing.  It is built to take the daily usage of aerial parks and last a whole season before re-certification.  

This lightweight 30 foot galvanized wire rope SRL has an aluminum and stainless steel outer casing with all stainless steel interior parts.  

Self Retracting Lifeline
Comparison Chart 
 Other SRLs 
Specially made for the rigors of Adventure Courses 
Minimum weight of 30lbs     
All metal housing 
Stainless steel interior parts      
Does not require fall arrest indicator     
Offset housing entrance      
Heavy duty spring for heavier retracting capabilities      
Requires yearly certification      
Requires re-certification after a single fall once indicator is triggered      
More compact housing      

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