Tool: The Stepper from Monkey Hardware™

Posted by Keren Warner on

Ropes Park Equipment is pleased to announce the US arrival of  The "Stepper" - a new device from Germany that gives you an instant "step up" on any tree or pole, any time you need it. A single "Stepper" is a steel foot hold designed to strap around a tree or pole when used with a Monkey™ or bolted directly onto a pole or anywhere a climbing hold might be used. Use as many as you need to climb as high as you want.  Steppers when used with a Monkey™ are tree friendly.
Steppers are particularly useful when a ladder climb is needed, whether for park staff, maintenance or participants. Every adventure course should have some on hand.
Steppers are part of the Monkey Hardware™ line of adjustable climbing products that "turn any tree into a climbing wall," but Steppers can also be purchased separately and used anywhere you need to "turn a tree into a ladder."

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