Tool: Treekkers® Gloves

Posted by Keren Warner on

Designed for Adventure Courses and sold only by Ropes Park Equipment, TREEKKERS®  are a look-good, feel-good, rugged glove made of washable all-leather that features a unique semi-fingerless design which protects where it needs to, palm and lower parts of the fingers, but allows dexterity by keeping fingertips free.  The "funny" open finger and open back design allows hands to breathe, keeping sweat & smellies to minimum.

Because the gloves are all leather and not a mix of fabrics, they hold together exceptionally well, looking better and lasting longer.  TREEKKERS® are the perfect work horse for your park's everyday glove. Customers love to buy them at the gift store, too!  Who wouldn't want their own pair? Sizes are Kids, XS, S, M, L.  Get a mixed box if you like.  They last & last.

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