Tweezle Key Maintenance tips

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At the beginning of the day for any operation you have start up tasks.  Walkthrough checks to see what the previous evening left in store for you.  Is there a new bee’s nest, murder hornets? Has the wind brought an unwelcome guest in the form of a downed limb? Are all your physical elements in working order with minimum to no splinter donation potential?   The list could go on.  Many of these can be mitigated through preventative maintenance.  One form of preventative maintenance that can save your operation money is checking your courses’ Tweezle™ Keys for wear.  

 Simple visual inspections 

Is the Tweezle oriented correctly? Proper orientation, the pin pointing down, makes Tweezling easier for your guests. 

Is the Tweezle located prominently at the next junction? Hidden tweezles make it harder for guests to find their next clip in point. Ensure that every junction has visible Tweezles that cannot slide out of position around your tree or pole.

Can you see the pin of the Tweezle key?  This is a “go, no go” visual inspection to determine if a Tweezle is too worn. If caught early a quick replacement can be a $12 fix comparative to if left alone which could damage equipment leading to a $100+ repair of potentially damaged smart belays.  

Refer to the Tweezle Key manual for full maintenance details.

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