Vendor Tip: TruBlue Webbing Inspection

Posted by Keren Warner on

We are often asked by our customers how to inspect the webbing on TruBlues and when to replace worn webbing. For questions like this we rely on information provided to us from the manufacturer.

For Head Rush Technologies' TruBlue auto belay device the following steps are taken to inspect the webbing:
  • Slowly pull out the entire length of webbing from the unit. As webbing is withdrawn look for signs of wear or damage.
  • If any signs of wear or damage are present, perform field replacement of webbing.
  • Allow the webbing to slowly retract into the casing with light tension, checking that retractions is strong and smooth.
  • Document this weekly inspection
Replace the webbing if you find:
  • damage, cuts, or abrasion to stitching
  • cutting, wear, or abrasion to the surface of webbing
  • discoloration, fading, or chalking of the surface
  • heat and friction damage such as hard or shiny areas
  • contamination from dirt of chemicals
  • twisting or knotting
All Head Rush products, including replacement webbing can be easily purchased through the RPE website

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