RPE EZPZ Full Body Harness

  • $ 173.00

Faster on Faster off!!

The newest harness from RPE


The New EZPZ harness from RPE was specially designed and manufactured for us in Italy and offers some great new features making it easy for your staff and climbers to put on and so optimize throughput.

  • Leg loops have different colored webbing making it easier to identify right and left leg.
  • Shoulder straps are also a different color from the harness base making it easier to identify. The straps are designed with minimum width straps for maximum comfort and lightness and minimal body moisture absorption.
  • Permanently installed textile front connection point securely sewn in and also highly visible in a contrasting color. No extra front chest clip required!
  • Simple waist adjustment with no-rust stainless steel buckles and gear loop.
  • Easily adjustable back designed to fit almost all body shapes.
The Faster on Faster off Advantage.

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