Falcon Harness by Petzl

Falcon Harness by Petzl

  • $ 199.95

Lightweight seat harness for rescue. This is our recommended harness for park monitors and guides. Use with the Petzl Top to create a full body harness and better match what your customers use.

Manufacturer description

  • Metal ventral attachment point distributes the load between the waistbelt and the leg loops during suspension
  • Comfortable, ultra-light design:
    - semi-rigid, slim waistbelt and leg loops ensure optimal comfort/weight ratio
    - textile side attachment points, for occasional use, limit bulk and weight
  • Ergonomics:
    - waistbelt and leg loops equipped with self-locking DOUBLEBACK buckles for quick and easy adjustment
    - foam on leg loops can be adjusted for perfect positioning
    - rear buckle allows a TOP or TOP CROLL chest harness to be attached
    - four equipment loops: two large rigid ones in front for easy access to gear and two small flexible ones in back that will not interfere with wearing a backpack
    - two slots for CARITOOL tool holder
  • Available in three sizes
    - size 0: waistbelt: 65 - 80 cm, leg loops: 44 - 59 cm
    - size 1: waistbelt: 70 - 93 cm, leg loops: 47 - 62 cm
    - size 2: waistbelt: 83 - 120 cm, leg loops: 50 - 65 cm

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