Gorilla Rope by Head Rush Technologies

Gorilla Rope by Head Rush Technologies

  • $ 309.00

Head Rush Technologies' Gorilla Rope is specially designed to work as a reduction line for zipSTOP Zip Line Brakes and brings high strength, a long life span, and minimal stretch to your zip line. Gorilla Rope is also appropriate for climbing, camping, backpacking, sailing, knot tying competitions and any other adventure or industrial activity requiring durability, strength and maximum performance.

Available in 50, 100, 150 and 200 meter spools.


  • High strength-to-weight ratio due to the specially engineered core
  • Abrasion-resistant sheathing maintains integrity under friction
  • Stretch-resistant construction keeps the line intact with minimal elongation
  • Flexible design stays strong regardless of pulley or block size
  • Slip-resistant outer sheathing designed to decrease knot slippage
  • Water-resistant core and outer sheathing optimal for outdoor use
  • Fade-resistant materials keep colors vibrant in the sun and rain, looking better for longer
  • Lightweight construction means the rope can go wherever its needed

Note: Gorilla Rope will begin to wear over time. Frequency of replacement will depend on usage. Any components that appear damaged or show signs of wear should be replaced immediately. Damage may include (but not limited to): nicks or cuts, excess wear, fluffing, sun bleaching, loose stitching or burns.

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