Camp Kit by Monkey Hardware®

Camp Kit by Monkey Hardware®

  • $ 866.59

Set up the camp and make your way up! Fantastic, mixed holds will lead you to the top. Boredom? No way! Suited for kids, beginners and experiential education. Allows for climbing up to 11 meters. Note: Climbing above 3 meters requires a Belay.

• 27 Monkey® units
• 27 Ratchet belts
• 25 Holds
• 25 Bolts
• 1 Allen key 6mm
• 1 Carrying stuff sack

Available with a "Buddy Belay" kit, True Blue Belay, or stand alone.

Rope Belay Kits include: 2 seat harnesses, 1 Petzl Gri-Gri Belay Device, 2 slings and 2 locking carabiners.

True Blue Belay kits include: 1 True Blue autobelay, 1 Petzl Panji Harness, 2 slings, 1 locking carabiner.

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