The Stepper by Monkey Hardware®

  • $ 29.49

Steppers™ are part of the Monkey Hardware® line of adjustable climbing products that "turn any tree into a climbing wall." Quick and easy to install, Steppers® are endlessly adjustable, moveable and tree friendly (no bolts or nails necessary for installation). They can be combined in any quantity for climbing practically any height. The 200mm length of the steel Stepper™ design enables a boot clad foot to climb securely every time.

  • Great for use on trees or poles when a ladder would be inconvenient or unstable.
  • They can even be used as an impromptu gym: Use as a pull bar or for dips or biceps training
  • Everywhere you need a stable foothold or a quick climb up a tree Steppers™ help you get where you want to go.

Note:  Steppers should only be used with tensions belts with steel ratchets.

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