Smart Safe Belay SSB - Refurbished

Smart Safe Belay SSB - Refurbished

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  • Save $ 248

Smart, Safe Lanyard that participants can not accidentally unclip. We guarantee "Always Clipped On".  And with the Tweezle™ key system guests can only clip on to the life line.

  • Active participation, feeling in control of your experience.
  • Faster guests won't bunch up behind a slower guest.
  • Only one carabiner can be disconnected at a time.
  • Can not accidentally clip into the wrong cable.
  • Variable length adjustment.
  • Lanyards are in the length of 70/80cm for short side and long side.

It goes without saying that the design is uncomplicated, free of wear and tear with only a few moving parts, and always functions reliably even under hard operating conditions. The special patented features distinguish the SSB from all similar securing systems on the market and offer completely new solutions.

The advantages for the park operator

  • Guests can't come unclipped at height.
  • Easy retrofitting with no interruption of operations.
  • Fewer supervisory staff required to monitor carabiner compliance.
  • Maximum worry-free reliability for visitors, meaning greater value for the park.
  • Design changes in one-way and branch lines possible at any time.
  • Can be used with auto belays and self retracting lifelines.

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