9mm EZ Bend Rope by PMI

  • $ 3.05

Suggested Rope for FG9

PMI® Classic static rope has been at the heart of mountaineering and caving worldwide for over 30 years. Extreme durability and substance you can rely on are what this rope is known for. Built to exacting Cordage Institute Life Safety Rope requirements, this rope features a hard-wearing 16-carrier nylon sheath and a static core design. PMI® Classic Sport rope normally features an EZ-Bend Sheath, offering a fine balance between extraordinary abrasion-resistance and good knotability. For even greater abrasion resistance, consider asking about PMI® MaxWear. Characterized by greater sheath tension, the knotability of PMI® Classic MaxWear is not anything to write home about, but for durability it simply cannot be beat. Any of the ropes below can be ordered with the MaxWear sheath design - just replace the E at the end of the part number with an M . . . Or ask your friendly PMI representative to assist you.

Key Features:

  • 16 carrier construction
  • Nylon
  • Classic construction

Color: White/Black
MBS: 18.3 kN (4114 lbf)
Weight: 53 g/m
Diameter: 9 mm (23/64")
Length: 61 m (200 ft)
Elongation: 3.7% at 300 lbf | 5.4% at 600 lbf | 7.6% at 1000 lbf
Elongation @ 10% MBS: 4.3%
Knotability: 0.6
Sheath Slippage: 0.0%
Sheath Content: 49.0%
Material: Nylon Sheath/Nylon Core

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