Custom JOKO-I Lanyard by Petzl

Custom JOKO-I Lanyard by Petzl

  • $ 26.35

Minimum Order Quantity is (5).

Contact for more details and Custom Lengths Quotes.

(L036XY = Joko Single) 
Quantity:  ( ? ) or MOQ = 5
Model: (I) Single
Rope Color: Orange or Black
Termination: Sewn - Gray or Green
Harness Connection: Girth Hitch
Length: ( ? ) The lanyard can be customized to a specified length (5 cm increments, from 25 to 200 cm)

Custom Orders can take 8-10 weeks. 

Joko I Pulley Lanyard
• Connects an adventure parks pulley to the seat harness

• Attaches to the harness with a simple lark’s head hitch

• End equipped with plastic sheath to help hold the carabiner in place and protect the stitching from abrasion

• Comes in three lengths to adapt to the different designs of adventure parks

 Technical information

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