Redirection Pulley

  • $ 109.00

Head Rush Technologies

The Redirection Pulley is the first pulley of its kind for the zip line industry; lightweight, corrosion-resistant and specially engineered to be virtually resistant to snagging.

The Redirection Pulley was designed to be used in the redirection or reduction line setup for your zipSTOP Zip Line Braking System and fits the Gorilla Rope perfectly, although the pulley can be used anytime you're working with a 7 mm or smaller rope.


  • Embedded side plates allow a perfect fit of the sheave
  • Sheave partially embedded in the side-plates makes rope snagging virtually impossible
  • Smooth finished aluminum sheave reduces corrosion and rope wear
  • Filleted design eliminates sharp edges, keeping the rope intact, reducing wear, and eliminating hazardous surfaces
  • Specially designed for use with Gorilla Rope and the zipSTOP line of products
  • Lightweight and simple, yet highly functional
  • Riveted to reduce the risk of tampering
  • Anodized aluminum side-plates increase strength while being corrosion-resistant
  • Accommodates most carabiners

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