RipCord for QUICKjump XL

RipCord for QUICKjump XL

  • $ 549.00

Head Rush Technologies

Extend the free fall feeling of your QUICKjump XL Free Fall Device with the optional RipCord XL accessory.

The RipCord XL is integrated with the webbing assembly of the QUICKjump XL and amplifies the free fall of your device.

When ordering, please be sure to get the right length for your device:

  • QUICKjump: 1.5 m RipCord
  • QUICKjump XL: 1.5 m RipCord XL

Note: The QUICKjump 1.5 meter RipCord cannot be used with the QUICKjump XL.

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