RPE Quick IIIsâ„¢ Harness

  • $ 86.50 $ 173.00
  • Save $ 86

The newly re-designed "Quick" style harness, RPE Quick IIIs™ Harness, is even more comfortable and easier to use than ever!

This Quick IIIs™ is as easy to slip into as a jumpsuit. This light-weight harness features chest straps that more easily adjust to the size of the torso and chest using a quick downward motion. The waist now includes two adjustable straps that are easily tightened or loosened for an improved fit. And the newly redesigned padded legs of the Adult Harness add rigidity to the harness making it quicker than ever to put on.
The RPE Quick IIIs™ Harness's rugged construction conforms to EN12277 type C requirements.

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