TRAK ATTACK Zip Line Trolley

TRAK ATTACK Zip Line Trolley

  • $ 179.40


Designed with a stable center of gravity: the pulley will not turn over and cause a dangerous system load (jamming / loaded off the cable), even when unweighted. The ball-bearings are sealed to prevent dirt and grime from interfering with it's operation.

Automatic locking mechanism with one-handed operation. The lock prevents the pulley from popping off of it's roller and jamming. opening the pulley is accomplished by first unlatching and then pulling the trigger. Unlatching is done by sliding the trigger deliberately in the opposite direction and upwards, so that the lock cannot open, even when jerked in panic.

The grip is ergonomically neutral (equally easy to use with either the right or the left hand). There is an eyelet in the grip to allow a lanyard to be attached either by direct sewing or by being girthed into place. Quality control inspection of the double rope pulley includes among other things a load cycle test with 150,000 cycles. Additionally equipped with a hook to hang the loose lanyard connector. EN 795, EN 122787

  • Breaking load: 25 kN
  • Weight: 500 g
  • For all steel cables from 8 – 13 mm

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