Vendor Tip: Annual Equipment Inspection & Re-certification

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Throughout aerial adventure parks, zip line tours, and other high adventure courses there are various life safety devices. These devices can include SRLs, auto-belay units, and static-belay lanyards like the Bornack SSB. Most of these units require annual re-certification from their vendor or authorized service centers. As the end of the climbing season approaches it is best to start planning to send these units to the appropriate service centers.

During planning parks should:
  • Contact vendors/service centers to schedule re-certification
  • Obtain and fill-out service forms including return address
    • You can note odd behavior of a unit on the form
  • Package items in sturdy and cushioned boxes
    • Packing peanuts are not recommended as they jam inside items
  • Ship items via a track-able service like UPS or FedEx

Ropes Park Equipment is proud to be an authorized service center for:

  • Bornack including FallStop SRLs and SSBs
  • ISC including ALF Climb Assist Pulleys
  • RPE Self Retracting Lanyards
To contact us about annual inspection services please see our Service Request Form. We are always available via phone at 203-692-4644 or email at

Note: Manufacturer's recommendations, manuals, and instructions should always be referenced to and followed for re-certification requirements. 

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