LockD Clips Integrated Carabiner System by Ropes Park Equipment

  • $ 496.00

LockD Clips is the adventure recreation industry's most advanced integrated carabiner system.  The next evolution of "always locked" smart belay systems, the LockD Clips system is designed specifically for the needs of adventure recreation operators and participants.

Better for Climbers

  • Lighter and easier to operate
  • Slenderized carabiner fits easily into small and large hands alike
  • No complicated locking system, eliminating the learning curve for first time climbers and increasing throughput

Better for Operators

  • Reduced number of components = fewer wearing parts and greater longevity
  • 3 year warranty on non-wearing parts
  • Onsite maintenance and annual Inspection
  • Reduced annual inspection costs
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing SSB systems
"We decided to get the LockD Clips because our previous clip system was always in repair mode.  So far the LockD Clips work great.  Customers like them a lot.  They are way lighter and have a very audible click when they unlock.  Customers also like that they are simple to open.  We would recommend them.  In fact, we just placed an order for some more!"

Shannon Olson, General Manager
High Trek Adventures





LockD Clips Manual English (EN)

LockD Clips Manual German (DE)


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