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The Tweezle O performs the same locking function of the Tweezle Key but is ideal for integrating horizontal and vertical movement sequences on your course. Extremely light and easy to maneuver, the Tweezle O is the perfect solution for self-retracting lifelines, auto belays and rolling elements.

The name Tweezle™ Key is actually a misspelling of the name Dweezil. The inventor, an Austrian with an obsession for Frank Zappa, told all his friends that if he ever invented something, he would name it after Frank's son.

Available in red or gold. We use different colors to indicate things like "this is a zip line."

Dimensions: 9.5 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm

Weight: 115 g

Strength: 36kN

Standard: UIAA 130:2021 PPE-R/11.114

Made In: Germany