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Extendable drop-prevention tether for a tool weighing up to 5 kg

The TOOLEASH extendable tether allows you to attach a tool to prevent dropping it when working at height. The high-strength elasticized tether is compact on your harness. The versatile connection system allows you use it as a long-term tool tether or switch between tools, depending on your needs. TOOLEASH is part of a complete solution for dropped tool prevention.

Detailed description

  • Practical and lightweight elasticized tether:
    - High-strength yet compact elasticized tether
    - System can stretch to a length of up to 120 cm for ease of use while working
  • Versatile connection system:
    - Long-term tethering with girth hitch
    - TWIST-LOCK connector simplifies attachment to the TOOLINK (S, M, or L)
  • Connection to the harness is optimized with the INTERFAST, but it can also connect directly to the equipment loop, depending on the weight of the tool