Tweezle™ for LockD Clips™

  • $ 12.97

The Tweezle™ is the "key" to the LockD Clips™ belay system. Attach a Tweezle™ to any 3/8 or 1/2" belay cable and let guests "lock" their carabiners to the cable. Once a guest starts on a course, the Tweezle™ can direct flow and prevent people from going the wrong way. The Tweezle™ also makes it impossible for guests to clip to anything but the belay cable and guarantees guests stay clipped on until they're back on the ground.

The name Tweezle™ is actually a misspelling of the name Dweezle. The inventor, an Austrian with an obsession for Frank Zappa, told all his friends that if he ever invented something, he would name it after Frank's daughter.

Available in red, yellow, blue, green or black. We use different colors to indicate things like "this is a zip line".
For 3/8" to 1/2" cable

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