ROPES IN TREES: Philipp Strasser

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Ropes in the Trees: A Guide to Great Temporary Rope Elements

Author Philipp Strasser is a climber, inventor, researcher and a designer of ropes courses and zip line systems. His inventions include the SAFE LINK SSB® System and the Tweezle®. He believes that nature provides us with endless options for adventure, learning and relaxation and that trees offer one of nature’s greatest gifts for these possibilities. But Strasser questioned whether we had been intruding on and modifying the natural world in our efforts to enjoy them. So it was almost inevitable that he would write a book detailing a variety of exciting temporary rope elements and challenge courses for use by children and adults of virtually all abilities and skill levels. These are elements that allow us to have fun and adventure in nature and yet leave nature in the same condition in which we found it. With the techniques outlined in Ropes In Trees you will find new adventure in the trees by simply bringing along some ropes, carabiners and pulleys as you venture into the forest. The various rope elements provide great exercise and are a wonderful way to build team spirit, partnership, and self-esteem.

Ropes In Trees is primarily written for people who already have some experience with rope elements and want to refresh and extend their knowledge about design, belay techniques, and uses for rope elements. Inside you will find details on new elements, belay updates for common standard elements, and useful tips on safety, best practices and minimal environmental impact.

A Kindle edition can be purchased here.